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  Kazakhstan Political system

Political system

The head of the state is the President

The supreme body of the authority is two-chamber Parliament that consists of the Senate and the Mazhilis. Kazakhstan — the constitutional parliamentary-presidential republic. The president is the head of the state and chief supreme commander.

Executive authority

    The President of Republic Kazakhstan is voted by full age citizens of Kazakhstan on general, equal, direct and secret vote basis. The President of Republic Kazakhstan is Nursultan Nazarbaev. The Presidents terms of limit are 5 years.

    The executive authority is carried out by the government. The system of the executive branch of the government consists of the ministries, services and agencies. The head of the government — the prime minister Karim Masimov.

Legislative power

    Legislature is brought into action the Parliament that consists of two Chambers: the Senate and the Mazhilis working on a regular basis.

    The Senate is formed by the deputies represented in order of constitution law for two person out of each region, city of republican value and capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan (14 regions, 2 cities). Fifteen deputies of the Senate are appointed by the President in order to fulfill the representation for the Senate of national-cultural and other significant interests of a society.

    The Mazhilis consists of the 107 deputies selected by the constitutional law. Terms of limit of deputies in Senate are six years, for deputies of Mazhilis – five years.

The Judicial Branch


     Judicial system is a set of all courts of Kazakhstan.

     The judicial system includes the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the local courts established according to the Constitution of RK and the Constitutional law.


To local courts concern:

  • Oblast (regional) courts and equal to them (city courts of cities of republican value and capital, specialized court — Military court of Republic Kazakhstan, specialized financial courts, etc.);
  • District (rayon) courts and equal to them courts (city, interdistrict, specialized court -military court of garrison and others).
  • In the Republic of Kazakhstan specialized courts (military, financial, economic, administrative, juvenale, etc.) can be created.

    The set of mentioned RK’s courts is connected by the unity of issue on distribution of justice and functional form of acting.


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