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  Almaty city General Information

General Information

Almaty is located in the center of the Eurasian continent in south-east part of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


    Geographic coordinates: 77 degrees east longitude and 43 degrees north latitude. Almaty is located on the same parallel with such famous cities as Gagra and Vladivostok.


    Almaty picturesque stretches of the Alatau — the most northern mountain range of Tien Shan. The total area of the city is more than 170 square kilometers. It is located in the valley of the rivers Bolshaya and Malaya Almatinka and their tributaries flowing from the glaciers of the Zailiskii Alatau mountains and gorges.


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    Mountain rivers and lakes — the main source of water supply Almaty. In the mountain gorges of many hidden waterfalls and hot radon and sulfur sources. Around the source creates a lot of balneology resorts.


   In the mountainous outskirts of Almaty were built: research station to study the sun and cosmic rays, astrophysics observatory Kamenskiy Plato and Pass Assy, sports complexes at the skating stadium Medeo, ski station Chimbulak, climbing and hiking camps, resorts, holiday homes and campsites.


    Talgar (5017 m) and Komsomolsk (now Nursultan 4376 m) and the Big Almaty (3684 m) — all of these peaks dominate the panorama of picturesque peaks surrounding the city from the south.


    The climate in the city is sharp continental with significant fluctuations in temperatures, not only within seasons but also during a day. North side of the city is close to the steppes and semi-desert, near the hot Kaskelen Moyunkums. In the southern areas, at an altitude of 1520-1750 meters above sea level in the tract Medeo and Kamensky plateau, in contrast, felt the icy breath "Arctic mountains.


   Average wind speed is two times less than in Moscow. Average July temperature is the one that prevails on the islands of Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Kalimantan (Borneo), and Java. Average January temperature is almost the same as in the north part of Norway.


    There are a lot of sunny days in Almaty: more than 1596 hours per year. Also during a year there are up to 151 days without frost.


     The level of temperature fluctuations in air varies at different altitudes: at the rise of more than 1400 meters above sea level, average annual air temperature decreases by 0.66° for every 100 meters. These and other favorable climatic factors provide unique opportunities for the development of sport and tourism in the region.


     Flora and fauna are rich and diverse in Zailiskii Alatau. Almaty surroundings are part of Ili Alatau National Park. The wildlife that preserves on this territory is the habitat area for many rare birds and animals listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan. They include such species as the snow leopard, an image which, incidentally, is decorated with an emblem of the city of Almaty.


     At the base of the mountains grow crops and melons, tobacco plantations, vineyards and fruit orchards. At that place the first planted Almaty apples so called «aport». The apple become a symbol of the city and also gave it the name («Alma» — in kazakh means «apple»).


     Higher to the foothills grow wild apples, hawthorn and apricots. In the middle of mountain slopes, deciduous trees and shrubs are replaced by beautiful Tien-Shan spruce. An even higher mountains are covered with sub alpine and alpine meadows. These luxurious summer pastures («dzhaylau») is gradually transformed into mountain tundra, and finally to the kingdom of perpetual ice.


    Gardens, parks, public places and boulevards occupy more than 8 hectares  of the city. Among the greenery you can see exotic plants brought from North America, Crimea, Caucasus, Siberia and the Far East. The environs of Almaty are known for such rare representatives of the local flora as juno, anemone and hawthorn.


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