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  Almaty city Sights

Sights of Almaty

     Almaty is a sunny, immersed in the green city with wide streets, beautiful buildings, numerous parks, gardens and fountains. Magnificent city at the foot of the emerald ridges of the Tien Shan is called «garden city».


     In spring, when the southern suburbs are full of blossoming apple, apricot and cherry orchards, the city becomes like a fairy tale. Luxurious green grass and magnificent mountains make Almaty unlike other cities. Gardens, groves, parks, boulevards, flower-beds occupy more than eight thousand hectares of urban area.

     There are a plenty of attracting sights for visitors and guests in Almaty. 





     Koktobe is a hilly terrain bordering the city in the south. Koktobe reaches a height of 1,070 m. There is an observation deck at the top of Koktobe. Koktobe is the best place to review the city at night.

The 28 heroes-panfilovs park

     The park located in front of the hotel Otrar.

     Memorial park is famous for fame, Alley of Memory and the Eternal Flame. In the alley of memory there are 28 granite monument along the alley of memory with the names of 28 heroes Panfilovs, who died in the battle for Moscow during the World War II.




Zenkov Cathedral in Panfilov Park 28 heroes

     Orthodox Cathedral was designed by local architect A. Zenkov. It was built without a single nail in 1940.
The Cathedral is one of nine unique monuments of wooden buildings in the world. Its wall paintings and interior decorations are impress visitors with its beauty and splendor.



Islamic Cultural Centre

     In July 1999, in Almaty, opened a new central mosque. The Islamic Cultural Centre of Mubarak and the university.



Independence Monument

     Truly unique construction, decorating the square of Republic, the Independence Monument created by Shota Valikhanov.


      Large collections of the Central State Museum of Kazakhstan and the Museum of Fine Arts Kasteev attracts a lot of visitors. The Museum of Kazakh folk instruments represents unique and large collection of national instruments. There is a lot of gold and precious metals jewelry in the museum of the history of Kazakhstan. Almaty city also has many art galleries.


     The world-famous alpine Medeo ice rink was built in 1972 in a picturesque valley located at a distance of 15 km. from the city. 

     The mild climate, the optimal level of solar radiation, low pressure, favorable weather and ice made of crystal clear water make Medeo one of the best rinks in the world.

     High-mountain ski resort located at an altitude of 2200-2500 m in the valley Chimbulak. The resort opened to tourists since 1954.

     The resort equipped with modern facilities: there are cable cars, as well as skis and snowboards for rental.